The Best Bad Girl Sex Tricks

Everybody heard about good girls and bad girls. Who are they, and what is meant by these phrases? It is like comparing black and white, day and night, water and earth, or anything else that seems entirely different. Good girls are usually shy prudes in the sack. They are the ones who listened to their parents and were raised “right.” Bad girls, on the other hand, are amazing in bed. That is why they are called bad. They love sex and know how to enjoy it. They are adventurous and may even be dangerous. Let’s not think about why loving sex means “bad” for now and think about the sex tricks bad girls know and use. 

Foreplay as a state of mind

Bad girls think about sex a lot. They do not wait until they see their man; they tease him all the time. Foreplay is always in their minds. Sexting helps to keep the sparkle going and prepares the parties involved for hot and passionate sex. Mental stimulation is the key to success that makes the imagination working, allowing them to plan and discuss some juicy details of future meetings.

So, if you get a text from your babe saying something like “Bought new lingerie, can’t wait to show you,” play along and text her back something sexy.

 Exposing their bodies

Bad girls love being watched, especially during sex. They are not shy and they are into sex positions that allow their partners the best view. 

So, if you like positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, wheelbarrow, and many others, do not be shy, she will be into it, too. Oh, and how about having sex in front of the mirror? 

Talking dirty

Dirty talk is a universal way to build tension and to help your partner climax. If you are into talking dirty, just ask your babe for it. She will be pleased to do what you like.

Anything but boring

Some women accept only vaginal sex, which is fine by itself, but can quickly become tedious. Bad girls love all types of sex, including oral and anal sex. They love mixing them up and are not afraid to try new things. Toys and different accessories can also be found in her possession, so if you are thinking about a gift idea, sex toy may be a good one.

If you want to meet a bad girl online, visit FireCams and check out the ebony girls webcams. This category is trendy. Some of the girls are genuinely wild, being the best examples of a bad girl type. They can show you many tricks and leave you with unforgettable memories.

So, if you are lucky to have a bad girl, do not hold her back and let her express herself the way she wants it. You will enjoy it even more than she will. By the way, if you have a good girl, you can teach her to be bad. It takes time, but the results are totally worth it. 

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